Modular type man portable drilling rig with light weight

Modular type man portable drilling rig with light weight
Modular type man portable drilling rig with light weight
Product Description

Modular type man portable drilling rig with light weight


  • This drilling rig is applicable to work in mountain, loess, hill, plain, forest, gobi,  seasonal farmland for seismic prospecting, mine survey, geologic framework investigation etc such drilling project.
  • Drilling method includes air drilling, DTH hammer drilling, mud drilling, and casing drilling (with casing puller). Adapt to different drilling operation with relative drilling method. Max drilling depth is 30 meters.
  • Self-adaption system to stratum shortens handle regulating time of driller, improves drilling efficiency and ensure perpendicularity of the hole.
  • We design and use DTH hammer with interconvertible high-low frequency according to situation of single using DTH hammer (low frequency, big impacting energy) in prospecting drilling project nowadays. Choose high frequency matching parts of DTH hammer to improve drilling frequency when soft formation as f 8.
  • New design of power swivel that circulation drilling fluid and bearing chamber are separate reduces damage probability of bearing.
  • Drilling rig equipped with hydraulic balance valve and reducing valve to assure drilling tools hoisting and pull down steadily with load. Improves reliability and safety of system.


  • This drilling rig uses the modular design, disassembling fast, convenient and reliable. It includes engine, console platform, the mast assy., the power swivel, the aerodynamic system, the drilling tool and other appendices.
  • Optimization design of drilling rig’s layout like direct-drive hydraulic pump, combination of hydraulic oil tank and reversing valve, reduces the loss of the system, the main mast assembly uses rectangular tube with welding slip way, to improve the safety of using, transportation more convenient.
  • Pull up & down of drilling tools is achieved by hydraulic motor driving roller chain.
  • The drilling rig equipped with safety and warning mark, meets the requirement of H.S.E. and improves the level of security of the rig effectively and reduces the frequency of security accident.
  • Appearance in red spraying plastic protection, the color enable the operator to concentrate on the warning color, that can reduce the accident rate, while the color in the atmosphere through a strong ability to help the search for the helicopter to support the project location.
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