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Man Portable Casing Drilling Rig

Man Portable Casing Drilling Rig
Man Portable Casing Drilling Rig
Product Code : HD-40E
Product Description

This compact drilling equipment offers several benefits, such as user convenience, fastness and efficient drilling. It features a modular design with reliable construction. It provides the best solution for many installers. The machine works efficiently with smaller diameter loops and shorter lengths. It's a close-packed and cost-effective equipment. The man portable casing drilling rig is suitable for various materials & soil conditions. They are great for environmental test wells, soil sampling, foundation drilling applications, and shallow water wells etc.    


  • This drilling rig is composed of engine, drilling tool, the aerodynamic system, console platform, the mast assy., the power swivel, and other appendices. This equipment based in modular design, can be disassembled quickly and easily.
  • The users can use this equipment to execute drilling project anywhere, from mountains, hill, plain, forest, seasonal farmland, mine, etc.
  • This drilling equipment can adapt to different drilling operation with different drilling method, which can be air cutting drilling, DTH hammer drilling, mud drilling, auger drilling and casing drilling (with casing puller); allowing maximum depth of 40 meters.
  • Based on belt driven hydraulic pump, this drilling rig system makes use of combination mode as hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic pump, reversing valve and radiator. The combination mode is optimal for optimizing weight of parts and increasing balance of wellhead. The main mast design has a rectangular tube and slip way welded together. This assembly assists in improving the safety of operation, and convenience in transportation.
  • This system comprises Hawe hydraulic valve, Rexroth hydraulic pump and White/ Danfoss hydraulic motor.
  • The hydraulic balance valve and reducing valve in the drilling rig allows hoisting and pulling down of drilling tools steadily with load, maintaining the system's reliability and safety.
  • Self-adaption system to stratum results in shortening driller's handle regulating time, improving its efficiency and ensuring perpendicularity of the hole.
  • Roller chain driven by hydraulic motor pulls up and down the drilling tools.
  • The big capacity lithium battery reduces weight at maximum limit.
  • The new model power swivel based on separation design circulates drilling fluid and bearing chamber, reducing the damage probability of bearing.
  • The DTH hammer is utilized with inter-convertible low-high frequency. The drilling frequency hen soft formation as f≤8 can be improved by choosing its high frequency matching parts. A H.S.E. complied safety and warning mark is implied on the drilling rig to improve its security and lower down the frequency of security accident.
  • To reduce the accident rate, a red spraying plastic protection warning is implied.


Drilling method Depth Pipe (dia.*len.)(mm) Drilling bit
Mud drilling 40 m φ60×1500 75/90mm
Air drilling 40 m φ60×1500 75/82mm
Auger drilling 20 m φ50×φ90×1500 90mm
Casing drilling 20 m Ф108×Ф60×1500mm 110mm
Power swivel Rated torque 1350 N.m
Rated rev. 0~135 r/min
Hoisting/Push-down system Max. hoisting weight 2000 kg
Max. Push-down Force 7 kN
Max. hoisting speed 0.77 m/s
Hydraulic system Working pressure 205 bar
Engine output power 27hp / 3600r/min 
Weight Max weight of part

Total weight

Operating state dimension About 1614×1100×2870


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