HD 80 Man Portable Drilling Rig

HD 80 Man Portable Drilling Rig
Product Description

Technical Details:

Drilling method Depth Pipediameter—length Hole diameter
Mud drilling 80 m 60—1500 75/90mm
Air drilling/Hammer drilling 40 m 60—1500 75/82mm
Screw drilling 30 m 50—90—1500 90mm
Reverse circulation drilling 30 m 107—70—1500mm 110mm
Power swivel Rating torque 1520 N.m
Rated speed 0-170 r/min
Hoisting/Push-down system Max. hoisting weight 2000 kg
Max. Push-down Force 7 kN
Max. hoisting speed 0.73 m/s
Hydraulic system Working pressure 250 bar
Engine power 27hp / 3600r/min 
Weight Max. Sets 105 kg
Overall unit 430 kg
Overall dimension About 1700—1400—3050 /When running
Piston mud pump Gasoline or diesel power option Perssure   14 bar
Displacement 120 L/min
Weight   115 kg
Air screw compressor Total displacement 6 m3/min
Pressure 0.8 MPa
Weight 400 kg (Two Sets)


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