Drill Pipe

Drill Pipe
Product Description
We offer Drilling Pipes, which are thick-walled, hollow pipes made with steel or aluminium and are utilized on the drilling rigs. These hollow products allow the drilling liquids to be pumped down the opening via the bit and support the annulus. Offered in several sizes, wall thicknesses and strengths, these are designed to convey drilling torque for concerted lengths, which frequently surpass various miles down into the crust of earth. These area also able to hold out the pressure differentials occurred between inside and outside. Provided Drill Pipe are assembled from the welding of at least three separate pieces pin tool joints, box tool joints and the tubes.  

Key Points :
  • Provided with threaded ends in various sections.
  • These work as the tubular pipes, which add weight and stand as the transitional pieces in all drill strings.
  • These are heavier, thicker-walled and more rigid in comparison with drill pipes.
  • Cost effective alternatives, utilized in water injection usages.

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